Ego / Love / Relationships

Love is easy…

…it’s people, humans, that make it hard. It has taken me some time to add a blog here.  At first, I attributed the delay to writer’s block, but recently I realized that’s not entirely it.  It was a block of sorts, but not for lack of ideas.  I was blocked by the feeling that I won’t be able to truly, authentically write what I really think and feel about love.  A part of me feels as if most won’t be ready to read what I have to say and the other part of me is slightly afraid of being so transparent, so vulnerable, so open.  However, ultimately, I realize that there is a higher purpose for what I’m doing.  There is a reason why I’m compelled to share my thoughts on love, relationships, women…. And because I now understand that I have a responsibility to honor that purpose, I can no longer remain silent, especially if fear is the excuse.  So here I am…enjoy….

As I stated, people are making this love thing unnecessarily hard.  One of the most natural abilities we have is to love. So why the difficulty in executing this very natural emotion/action/state of being?  One word – ego.  I’ve been paying close attention to the arguments of women and men with regards to why they’re single or why their relationships don’t work.  And the commonality that I find is that everyone of them wants  so badly to be right about their position, that they refuse to even entertain that they may just be wrong.  There is no concession to compromise or even “fight fair”. Most of the debates turned into shouting matches with people just wanting to drive home a point instead of actively listening to the other party.  How many times have we seen this? The sexes come together to build and share how to improve on loveships, but each leaves more confused and frustrated than when they came?

Today I want people to really take a long hard look at why your past relationships have failed and take responsibility for that failure.  Because the truth is, the one thing your past relationships had in common is…you.  A good friend of mine always says “everybody can’t be wrong”.  If you keep having the same experiences and the same results, take time to meditate on what YOU need to do differently.  Don’t focus on what the other person needs to do or should do.  That’s actually none of your business.  You only have control over your own actions.  Choose to act differently.  Choose to create a new experience, a new result.  Choose to be more loving.  After all, you are love. *smooches*


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