Manifesting Love

As we embark on this Weekend of Love, (love it!) I am overjoyed at the sheer possibilities of what this weekend has in store.  Initially, I was excited simply because it is Valentine’s Day weekend.  But then I realized that Valentine’s Day coincides with February’s new moon.  How delicious is that?!!!!  Can you tell I am super pumped?  The very thought of having this new moon energy at my command on this weekend….  I simply can’t contain my excitement. And believe me, I have decided to use it to the fullest.

The new moon is the perfect time for planning your intentions and setting goals for the future. Using this weekend to focus on your wishes and desires is powerful beyond imagination.  And imagine all the good energy that the universe is going to be receiving due to the events that will be unfolding. Energy that I, too, can use for my own wishes and desires.  For those that are desiring to manifest more love, do it this weekend.  Write it down, set the intention, share it with others and believe that it is already so.  ACT AS IF it is already happening.  Make space for your love. Pick a side of the bed. Clear out room in your closet and chest.  Set two places at the dinner table.  Get all the stuffed animals off the bed. 🙂  MAKE ROOM for the love of your life. Speak him or her into existence and know that they are own their way.  *giggle* Just the thought of it makes me giddy.

So this weekend is a celebration of manifestation for me. I am honoring and celebrating the love of my life- ME and the romantic love of my dreams.  I hope to share with others the pure, undiluted bliss that I feel daily because of this exquisite love.  It feels so good to finally be on the other side. The journey it took to get here, well…that’s another blog, but it was well worth it.  And while everyday should be a celebration of love, make this weekend an extra special, loving, blissful, delectable affair.  *smooches*


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