Love in spite of everything.

Okay…so I just realized I’m getting caught up, distracted by negativity.  I’m reading and hearing quite a bit of negative information.  Stuff about black women, about the world, about the economy…. And my filter is either overloaded or it’s just taking a vacation.  Not quite sure which one.  However, I have reacted to much of what I’ve seen and heard and I no better.  Reacting is never the answer.  Responding appropriately, however, is much more affective and loving.

Nonetheless, what I’ve realized is that out of all the information that I’ve received, the “insight” about black women has caused the most reaction.  And what I know to be true, in this moment I’m finally getting it, is that I still MUST emit love.  It’s disheartening that so many black men seem to have issues with black women.  It stings to know that they dislike themselves so much that they feel their only path to happiness is with anyone other than a black woman.  And I don’t make this statement condescendingly, I truly hurt for anyone who feels this way about a specific group of people.  Discrimination of any kind is hurtful and suggests a lack of spiritual growth. But what I know is judging is not the answer.

So today, right now, I choose to love them in spite of it all.  In spite of their complaints about me, because I am a black woman, I will love them.  In spite of their misguided judgments and their inability to see and appreciate my beauty, I will love them.  In spite of their refusal to revere, defend, and protect me and my image, I will love them.  I will love them in spite of it all. I’m not going to focus on what they won’t do any longer, I will simply focus on what I will do and what I pray for them to one day realize.  And just so that it’s clear, I’m not suggesting that a black man should only be with a black woman. My prayer is simply that we, ALL of us, evolve to know and understand that noone should be discounted because of the color of their skin. And especially when that person looks just like you.  It’s time for us to heal.


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