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“If I have to fall, may it be from a high place.”

And there it is.  When I read this line in my latest Paulo Coelho conquest, I got chills…literally.  People often wonder in shock and amazement (somewhat 🙂 ) why I’m single.  The truth isn’t as complicated as some would think. And that truth is- I simply haven’t found anyone I want to fall for.  I mean we talk incessantly about the things we need to do to be a success in our careers.  We taunt each other with sayings like “go hard or go home” when we’re participating in activities or playing games, sports….  But how often do we apply that same enthusiasm for success, passion for commitment,  or stick-with-it-ness in our relationships?

So yeah…I’m single until I find someone who will “go hard” in our relationship. I want someone who will be ALL in…give it everything he has without saving some for later.  Without thinking that something better will come along.  And he must allow me to love him in the very same way. I’ll stay single until I meet the one who doesn’t view love as this scary thing to be avoided at all costs.  I want someone who knows that he has the power to make it a beautiful experience and wants to do just that.  I’ll remain blissful in my singledom until I meet the man who will go to the edge of the cliff for love and be afraid, but willing to jump off the cliff anyway.

I’m not expecting him to walk around with his feelings exposed for all to see. I’ll be content with being the only person who is privy to that depth of his emotions. However, he must be willing for me to see them. He has to be open to receiving my love. He has to be ready to see my heart, not just my face, not even my intelligence. He has to want to get to know my heart. You see, I don’t mind falling for a man, but if I’m going to fall, make it worth my while.


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