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There are no words…

Every now and again, something happens in my life that leaves me reeling, my head spinning.  I’m discombobulated, stumped and confused.  And I find myself asking myself, “Baby Girl, did you really make THAT mistake again?”  I hate to admit it, but I’m having one of those moments. Even though, I know I had to make the mistake, yet again, as the person I have evolved into now, it still stings. *sigh* There are simply no words that can accurately convey exactly how I feel right now. Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true.  There are words, but I choose not to find them or even dwell on the situation.  Let’s just say…I’m hurt.  There’s no need to explain the experience or share the details.  I’m just…hurt.  So, instead of searching for words, I’ll use music.  And let me add, in spite of my pain, I’m not giving up on love.  I’ll get it right one day.

That says it all.


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