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Poem #4-Fatherless Child

I waited for you
The delicious yellow hot sun
shone brightly in the east
As I rocked        rocked
and waited.      For you
to come
save me.

The wind ever so gently
caressed my thick hair
neatly pressed and curled
for you
Eager eyes
peering through worn, antiquated
curtains heavily scented with moth balls.
Waiting and rocking
rocking and waiting
Sounds of a roaring engine
send me bolting to the door
A red car
Not your blue one

I waited for you
The dull orange sun
set lazily in the west
As I sat          sat
and waited.          For you
to come
Protect me.

My friends waited          waited
jealously with me.
We played jacks and double-dutch
Happily awaiting your arrival
Enigmatic figure in our world
Your arrival is like the coming
of the Saviour
The Saviour of all fatherless children
in desperate need of a sign of hope
a sign
that some man
whether they lived or died.

We waited for you.
The moon glowed high above the street
while the night’s impregnated breeze
gingerly flattened the last curl
and dried eyes filled with tears
Hushed maternal whispers
And friends, one by one
traveled to their own
fatherless homes.
Hopes dashed.
Dreams, like the curl, flattened.

And I waited for you.
Wrapped in the warmth
of my mother’s loving arms
Strong in courage
resolve and patience
Silently, lightly stroking
my back and wiping my tears.

As I waited          waited.
I rocked and waited.
Rocked and waited.        For you
to come
Love me.
But you never did.

© 2011 EmittingLove


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