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Making Love in the Rain

Making love in the rain, I can’t believe the joy it brings me
And when I’m all alone, I hear the rain on my window

I can recall many a slow jam tape with this song on it.  Back then it was one of my favorite songs and I would venture to say still in my top 20 all-time favorite slow jams.  The melody along with Janet and Lisa‘s light, feathery voices and the simulation of a thunderstorm in the background…mmm.  They all just spoke to me. As I grew up, it became a fantasy to actually make love in the rain, somewhere, on somebody’s rooftop or beach.  How delicious would that be?  I actually LOVE the rain, particularly thunderstorms.  There’s something very sensual about that form of precipitation coming from a place far up in the sky and making life below clean, renewed, refreshed.  Rain is imperative for growth and detrimental to the life cycle.  When I was little, my sister and I performed our very own rain dances. During spring and summer showers, we would hop into our bathing suits, run to the backyard, and dance and move our little bodies to the rhythm of those thirst quenching drops or the wind or nothing at all.  We just moved.  Hands flinging , arms waving, and little feet making time to happiness.  Sometimes, our mother would join in. Other times she would just watch from the back door.  I’ve loved the rain ever since.  But sometimes, as an adult,  I forget to dance and make love and be happy in the rain.

It rained cats and dogs yesterday.  Or at least it damn sure felt like it.  I had just straightened my hair and was at the mall picking up a couple of non-essentials.  I saw the clouds, had my umbrella and was fully prepared for whatever the sky was going to unleash.  Or so I thought.   Standing at the door, gazing over at my car, I told myself that I would be fine.  It really wasn’t that bad.  So I cautiously proceeded to my car and soon realized this task was a disaster in the making.  The wind was blowing so hard that the umbrella was virtually pointless.  My clothes? Soaked. My feet? Soaked, because I had on open-toed Mary Jane type pumps. My hair?  Instantaneously became a tangled mass of curls…which actually ended up looking rather cute so that wasn’t a complete #FAIL.  Nonetheless, my mood changed and I no longer had the desire to go anywhere at all.  I just wanted to go home to the warmth, curl up with a glass of Joe’s Cool Red and a slice of cheese pizza.  And that’s exactly what I did.

And then I began to admonish myself.  After all, it was just a little rain.  Why had I allowed the rain to change my plans so drastically?  To pull me off course?  I know that rain is inevitable and necessary.  I know the function that rain serves.  So why allow something that’s inevitable to disrupt my plans and intentions? And then I thought how similar rain is to life’s everyday challenges and problems.  How often do we allow “rain” to interrupt our best laid plans and intentions.  We see a little bit of rain and we go into hiding.  We cease all activity and shut down.  We look at the rain as an uninvited guest that we have no intention of trying to make nice with even though we full well that is not going anywhere.

I can think of several goals and dreams that I have deferred simply because of the little “rain” that showed up in my life. And while I know that some things are not meant to be, I know that had I paid close enough attention, I would have realized that the rain was simply my opportunity to reassess and regroup.  Often times the rain exposes our fears and we then base our dream abandonment on our fears.  Yesterday, was a reminder for me to continue to dance in the rain and learn to make love, create love, in my life regardless of how hard the rain is.  Because at the end of the day, I may end up soaked to the bone with wet shoes and feet, but I’ll probably have a really cute hairstyle as a result. Smooches!


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