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Poem #13- Hey Mister

Who told you I need your permission
to love you?
Ain’t nobody ever said
that I need YOUR permission
to love you.
You see
I am of the particular belief
that if I so choose to settle my mind
on loving you
then that-
is exactly what I’m gonna do.
Ha! Ha!

I’m going to love you until
my heart swells to the point of bursting
and then simply stays full
with love.
And all that love…
well, I’ll just shower on someone else
or a cute little puppy
or a wounded bird
or my lavender and hydrangeas
growing out back in my garden.
Ha! You can’t stop me from loving you,

And why…
mmm, mmm, mmm
why Mister
would you want to?

© 2011 EmittingLove


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