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Some people don’t deserve love…

Actually, the entire quote was “Some people are trash and don’t deserve love.”  I couldn’t believe it. I sat looking at my computer screen in a state of utter amazement that someone actually formed the thought and preceded to share it with others.  And to make matters worse, there were some who actually co-signed this toxic thought by hitting the “Like” button. Really?! Is this really what some people choose to believe? But the more important question is WHY do some people choose to believe this? What wounds need to be healed for that person? Goodness! What happened in the first place?

If I sat here and began to list all the things that have ever happened to me some of you would be amazed. Others would say hell I’ve been through far worse. But what makes the difference for all of us is how we choose to view these experiences and ultimately, how we CHOOSE to let them affect us. That’s right. How we CHOOSE to deal with life’s challenges and trials impacts all that we do. I must place emphasis on CHOOSE, because everything we do is a choice. Now, I’m not suggesting that things that are done to us is a choice. Although, depending on your belief in reincarnation and karma some would say even actions performed on us by others is a “choice.” But I digress. Ultimately, we have no control over the actions of others, but we do have control over our own. We’re not powerless here. We’re human beings perfectly capable of utilizing logic and common sense when forming thoughts and making decisions. We’re not puppets for the people in our lives walking around with our strings being whimsically pulled for the enjoyment of others. No. We have the gift of choice. So, contrary to what some of us would like to believe, no one can “make” us do anything. No matter how angry, sad, distraught, happy, etc. someone becomes, we still have a choice in how we respond and in what we do. We must stop blaming our actions, or the lack thereof, on others.

Needless to say, I do not believe that some people don’t deserve love. I will NEVER believe that people are trash. There are a lot of people who have done some pretty horrible things and some folks would probably say they don’t deserve love. But saying someone doesn’t deserve love is like saying they don’t deserve to have a relationship with God. God is love. Who are we to deny someone’s need for a connection with source, with THE source. That’s not our business. We cannot continue to stand in judgement of the actions of others. Haven’t we learned anything yet? Look at what judging others skin color, sexual orientation, religion and ethnicity has gotten us. God does not judge, man does. My purpose is to get as close to God as possible on my walk. I wouldn’t dare suggest that he’s made a mistake by judging someone else’s path. Besides, I’m too busy focused on my own healing and evolution to worry about someone else’s.

In a perfect world, we would accept people just as they are and let go of ego. It’s our egos that pass judgement. It’s the ego that gets bruised when rejected or we have lost love. It’s the ego that reacts unlovingly instead of responding with love. The ego has the tendency to get us in a world of trouble and often blocks us from many blessings and much happiness. We all deserve and desire to be loved. Take a moment to make sure your thoughts and actions are inviting more love into your space. Peace and Blessings. Ashe.


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