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Esther’s Girls

Queen Esther, from the Bible, was one of the baddest women in the Bible as far as I’m concerned. According to the story, she was very beautiful, but that’s now what makes her the bomb in my eyes. It was her inner beauty. The inner magic of her heart.  She must have been one fierce lady because not only did she gain favor with the attendant of the maidens, but she eventually captured the heart of the king. So much so, in fact, he was prepared to grant her every wish. No matter your religious beliefs, there is a lesson in this story for all women. We can all learn a thing or two from Queen Esther.

A couple of years ago,  my bestie and I were enjoying the evening at a well-known Korean Bath House in Atlanta. As we were being scrubbed, steamed, and pampered she mentioned how what we were doing reminded her of Queen Esther. I asked her how so and she began to explain how Esther prepared physically for the King. Beauty treatments, myrrh and cinnamon oils abound, and a consistent beauty regimen for 12 months were a part of her intense preparation. When she mentioned this I thought, YES!  We are definitely getting ready. I started calling us “Esther’s Girls”  and even made a body butter with the same title.  And while the preparation continues, recently I understood the need to include a component previously overlooked.

While some may like to focus on Esther’s physical beauty as the means by which she captured the king’s heart, the truth is- there were hundreds of beautiful women made available to him. What set Esther apart from the rest? After his experience with Vashti, the king knew better than to simply rely on looks. There had to be more to his next queen…more substance. So what was it about Esther, other than her looks, that made the king fall deeply in love with her? …It was her heart.

As single women, often times we forget that internal work is far more important than the external work. And rightly so, because our society tends to place such an emphasis on outward beauty that we often overlook or simply repress the internal issues that often keep us in a perpetual state of singledom. Looking like a queen on the outside, but being emotionally and spiritually unattractive negates the external beauty.  And ultimately, internal beauty is far more reliable and sustainable than external.

Therefore, I am on a mission to recruit Esther’s Girls. Women who are queens preparing for their kings. We’re not just sitting and waiting. We’re not sad and forlorn. We’re not male bashing nor are we ultra independent with the belief that we don’t need men. We are actively working on ourselves, learning, growing and evolving.  We believe in and understand the importance of partnership and building our family. And while we are powerful alone, we accept that that power is magnified when partnered with our king. We are all about love and loving. With God’s love as the foundation, we focus on loving ourselves completely and unconditionally so that we can then emit that same kind of love to others. For we know, Love is the answer.

Here’s to Queen Esther!


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