Good Friend – Poem #6

As we sat in the laundromat
waiting patiently for our clothes
to dry (and her tears)
I soothed her worries as
any good friend would
with the obligatory
post-break up
friend speech:

“He’ll never find another like yo.
You were too good to him, in fact,
you ARE too good for him. He doesn’t
deserve your goodness, your beauty,
your intelligence. I’m tellin you.    He made
a HUGE mistake. Believe that! Nothing good
is gonna come his way. No one else will put up
with his mess.”

silently, she nodded in agreement.
Dried her eyes
Folded her clothes over in the corner

Mr. So and So who listened to the whole speech
takes a moment  to butt his nosy ass in and says,
“Miss what you told your friend was wrong. Just dead
wrong. There are others – lots of them who will
be just as good
cute, smart and more.
They’ll take care of him.
In fact, he was in here
just the other day with
someone, a cute girl
wait…she looked
alot like…
no, she looked just like,


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