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The Frugalista Files – Book Review.

To aid in successfully implementing and maintaining the financial portion of Operation F-Cubed, I read a book titled The Frugalista Files: How One Woman Got Out of Debt Without Giving Up the Fabulous Life by Natalie McNeal. It was an interesting read for the most part, but I noticed something that I felt made it slightly less difficult for her to do spending fasts. She had a large group of professional and GENEROUS friends. I think it’s a lot easier to go on spending fasts when you have people who will treat you to lunch and dinner or the occasional movie or other form of entertainment. Moreover, for me I owe wayyyyy more in student loans than Ms. McNeal. That’s actually one of the reasons why I haven’t included them in Operation F Cubed. My student loans are a mortgage and unless I hit the lottery or write a bestselling novel real soon, they are going to be around for a while. Meh! Anyhoo…back to the book.

I’m not suggesting that there is no value in the book. She gives quite a few good, solid nuggets of advice:
1. Spend significantly less than you make.
2. Cut out non-essentials (cable, salon trips, eating out).
3. Closet shop (I really like this one).
4. And find ways to increase or supplement your salary.

Unfortunately, items 1-3 are where I am the most challenged. 😦

Ms. McNeal also has a website: which offers valuable tips on living within your means and you can even sign up for her newsletter. I believe those of trying to get out of the debt rabbit hole need all the help we can get!  My next book is Michelle Singletary’s book – The Power to Prosper. That book is more of a workbook though so I need a couple of other books to read this month. Of course,… I can’t buy them so… looks like I will be bookshelf shopping. LOL!  How about that?!



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