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The Sky is the Limit

It’s Day 13 of my spending and sugar fast. I’m knocking the spending fast out the park, the sugar fast… well that’s another story. Not easy to give up sugar although it should be since it’s reported as the source for so many of our ailments here in America. Obesity being the biggest dis-ease that we’re currently facing. Yesterday I had, not one, but TWO chocolate chip creme pies and some peanut bar kinda thing. But I won’t dwell on that or the fact that I had hot chocolate with whipped cream and…uh a shot of rum Thursday night. Nor will I mention…I had fruit punch with a shot last night as well…ummm… twice. I blame boredom and bad habits! I couldn’t help it I tell you!  And on top of that, a guy friend told me something I SO did not want or need to hear and it was just a wrap after that.  Hello, my name is Emitting Love and I eat my feelings.

But doggonit I refuse to focus on those few infractions, because overall, I’ve done a damn good job. I’m reading The Power to Prosper consistently, along with,  Secrets of Six-Figure Women  which is the BOMB (review coming soon)!  I’ve had the latter in my library for close to four years and never so much as read the introduction. And now I’m realizing that a part of me never considered that a six-figure salary could be a possibility for me. Hellooooo!  How on Earth could I, a teacher, earn THAT kind of money?!

Well, now that I am grabbing my life by the horns and have pledged to live my best life, I am beginning to open myself to possibilities that I only imagined or fantasized about. Getting the adjunct faculty position and the gift of living mortgage and rent free has definitely had a profound effect on my outlook of my dreams, goals, and thoughts. I remember thinking what I needed to get out of debt almost a year ago and to now have received BOTH of those things is overwhelming – in a GOOD way. So with the attainment of those blessings, how can I limit myself in anyway?

And that’s pretty much where I am right now. I’ve got to love myself enough to not only imagine the life of my dreams but also know that I can achieve the life of my dreams. And in that life I travel extensively. I’m debt free. I make six figures. I own property. I can afford pay for my daughter’s college education so she won’t be in debt. I am a published author. I am a consultant.  And I am financially prepared to retire at the ripe age of 55.

It took some serious soul searching and brutal honesty to admit that many decisions that I’ve made don’t represent my thoughts and beliefs about the life I say I want. I had to admit that a part of me is uncomfortable with success and responsibility. And I also had to admit that a crucial part of demonstrating self-love means making sacrifices that work toward achieving LONG TERM goals and not immediate satisfaction.

I’m a work in progress, but I’m getting there. I’ve stayed on track with spending. I’ve set up automatic savings transfers. I’ve calculated all debts. I have spreadsheets for everything under the sun. And I’ve analyzed my spending on my account. I’m going to show myself just how much I love me by getting out of debt, saving and traveling this year. All the while, creating a plan to become a high earner because I am totally worth it. The sky is truly the limit.


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