Coming Home

It’s been a month of Sundays since I last blogged. Subconsciously it seems, I have been boycotting writing. I would say that it’s been more of an avoidance because God knows I’ve been “meaning” to get back at it. And every time it seemed as if I was getting close to re-implementing my steady writing practice, something would come up. Between traveling, shuttling the mini, and working two jobs, I am pulled in so many different directions that for the first time in a long time, my needs and wants weren’t being fulfilled. Shame on me!

Recently, I looked back over the goals I’d met for myself and was utterly amazed at how many I had met and slightly disappointed that I had allowed myself to forget the importance of the work I was doing. I also began planning to revamp my blog with a new layout, domain and various bells and whistles. You know the saying about plans though right? Well, the plan quickly blew up in my little face when my new website was hacked even before it debuted. After much frustration and many expletives, I had to laugh. I mean…did I really need a new website in order to get back into my blogging? Did I need to incur another expense at a time when I promised to cut back and prepare for life abroad? That little voice inside my head gently whispered, “All is as it should be.” I love when that voice whispers feel good words. And so here I am…home. In my next blog, I will meditate on the symbolic meaning of the word “home”. Until next time, Smooches!



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