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Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

…who’s the biggest liar of them all? Well, apparently I am! And I’m happy to admit it once and for all. I don’t feel guilt or shame about it. In fact, I embrace it. There are times when I simply find it necessary to tell an untruth. I’d rather not tell the bill collector that I … Continue reading

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Who are you becoming?

I absolutely love this story. Enjoy! Grasper, a sweet, young crab, lives near the rocks with many other fellow crabs. Together, they spend their days scavenging for bits of food and staying close to the place they think of as home. Then one day something peculiar happens to Grasper, as he begins to feel quite … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Worth- Love every bit of who you are!

Am I the only person who feels as if the people making the decisions about what it means to actually be a woman are, in fact, NOT women?  Men, systems, institutions are all weighing in on what it means to be a woman.  And I have to tell you, it ain’t good.  I dated a … Continue reading

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Sometimes Crazy Leads to Healing and Loving

I was putting linens away in my bureau this morning and found it difficult to push the drawer completely in. I’m slightly anal when it comes to drawers being open even just the tiniest bit. To me, it looks messy and unkempt so, of course, I had to get to the bottom of why this … Continue reading

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From The Art of Loving

As a student of Love, an important part of my study is learning in what ways I need to improve upon being a more loving being. I’ve said this before, but I feel that it bears repeating. My study and practice of love is not solely for romantic purposes. First and foremost, it is spiritual.  … Continue reading

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What’s in store for your lover?

As we approach Valentine’s Day, many of us who are still preparing for our special, intimate, romantic partners are meditating on what attributes and traits we want in our partners.  As we observe the cards, flowers, candy, and stuffed animals being purchased we think of the things we would like for our soon-to-be lovers to … Continue reading