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PRESS RELEASE* NOMADNESS TRAVEL TRIBE POSITIONED AS THE HOTTEST URBAN INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT In less than one year, Nomadness LLC has launched one of the most innovative travel groups, taking Facebook by storm. Boasting over 3,500 members from over two-dozen countries, the invitation-only Nomadness Travel Tribe is the new home for urban nomads, shattering the myth … Continue reading

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Are You Truly Ready for Love?

I am ready for love…all the joy and the pain. I’ve found that people talk a real good game. And I, never one to shut my ears to a good story,  love listening to their stories about how good they love and how ready they are to be loved and loving. Their words mesmerize me … Continue reading

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“I’m just sayin…you can do better.”

I love to people watch. There’s so much you can learn from people just by watching, paying attention to their gestures, facial expressions, tone, interactions with others…. I notice the guy who waits to hold the door open for the women behind him. And how his jaw tenses when they don’t acknowledge his subtle, yet … Continue reading

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Soulmates and Fairytales: What’s the difference?

Once upon a time, in a land far and away, there was a beautiful maiden living alone in a big, traditional all-brick home in Buckhead. She had all that a maiden could ever ask for- a great job, great family, great friends, and a closet full of shoes. But alas, there was something missing. Fruit … Continue reading

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Part 1 of the Ambivalent Love Series

“Ambivalent about Love?” REPOST from MMA by Shirley Vollett Do you long for love, yet fail to take decisive steps to make it happen? Do you procrastinate on taking action to meet people and date? Ambivalence may be the cause of your stop-and-start approach to finding love. Hidden, unconscious ambivalence may be sabotaging you and … Continue reading

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Ladies, we need to get out of our own way…

I attended a relationship seminar a while back and a discussion came up regarding the “correct” way to ask a woman out on a date.  There were so many women who adamantly protested going to a man’s house for dinner.  They were convinced that if a man invites you to his home for dinner then … Continue reading

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How to Love, the Seemingly, Unlovable/The Steps-Part II

Part II The key to loving the unlovable is being able to  acknowledge, process, and let go of all of the reasons why YOU find them unlovable to begin with.  Take all the anger, frustration, and fear and turn it into an energy of introspection, reflection,  inspiration,  submission, and finally, unconditional love. And, believe me, … Continue reading