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“I’m just sayin…you can do better.”

I love to people watch. There’s so much you can learn from people just by watching, paying attention to their gestures, facial expressions, tone, interactions with others…. I notice the guy who waits to hold the door open for the women behind him. And how his jaw tenses when they don’t acknowledge his subtle, yet … Continue reading

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Some people don’t deserve love…

Actually, the entire quote was “Some people are trash and don’t deserve love.”  I couldn’t believe it. I sat looking at my computer screen in a state of utter amazement that someone actually formed the thought and preceded to share it with others.  And to make matters worse, there were some who actually co-signed this … Continue reading

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Ladies, we need to get out of our own way…

I attended a relationship seminar a while back and a discussion came up regarding the “correct” way to ask a woman out on a date.  There were so many women who adamantly protested going to a man’s house for dinner.  They were convinced that if a man invites you to his home for dinner then … Continue reading

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Sometimes Crazy Leads to Healing and Loving

I was putting linens away in my bureau this morning and found it difficult to push the drawer completely in. I’m slightly anal when it comes to drawers being open even just the tiniest bit. To me, it looks messy and unkempt so, of course, I had to get to the bottom of why this … Continue reading

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“A Perfectionist’s Quest for Love” as told by a recovering perfectionist

Mr. Perfect wakes up one bright, sun-filled day and decides he’s ready to get married.  Since he’s not currently in a committed relationship he decides he’ll start looking a little more closely at the few women he’s been dating on and off for the past few months.  Mr. Perfect, considered the perfect catch by many … Continue reading