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Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

…who’s the biggest liar of them all? Well, apparently I am! And I’m happy to admit it once and for all. I don’t feel guilt or shame about it. In fact, I embrace it. There are times when I simply find it necessary to tell an untruth. I’d rather not tell the bill collector that I … Continue reading

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“A Perfectionist’s Quest for Love” as told by a recovering perfectionist

Mr. Perfect wakes up one bright, sun-filled day and decides he’s ready to get married.  Since he’s not currently in a committed relationship he decides he’ll start looking a little more closely at the few women he’s been dating on and off for the past few months.  Mr. Perfect, considered the perfect catch by many … Continue reading

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What’s in store for your lover?

As we approach Valentine’s Day, many of us who are still preparing for our special, intimate, romantic partners are meditating on what attributes and traits we want in our partners.  As we observe the cards, flowers, candy, and stuffed animals being purchased we think of the things we would like for our soon-to-be lovers to … Continue reading