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Fight Fair in Love

Euphoria. That’s what it is.  That feeling you get when you realize that…wow…I’m home.  And that feeling of euphoria has you soaring. You feel energized, safe, beautiful…and you’re full.  Full of hope. Full of life.  Full of love. Filled with love.  And nothing, absolutely nothing, could change that feeling.  So you drop your defenses and … Continue reading

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Let go to let love in….

I have a friend, sweet as she can be, who is completely, totally, hopelessly hung up on her ex.  And no matter how many times she swears she’s moving on, she’s closing the door, she’s getting “over” him, all it takes is one phone call from him and she’s right back where she started- wondering … Continue reading

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There’s something about children that totally fascinates me…small children anyway.  They are carefree, uninhibited, undiluted, raw.  They are amazed by the most miniscule things and find joy in the absolute ridiculous.  It’s beautiful.  This lack of reservation and authentic wonderment makes me envious sometimes. To watch a kid sit in a park and express delight … Continue reading