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Who are you becoming?

I absolutely love this story. Enjoy! Grasper, a sweet, young crab, lives near the rocks with many other fellow crabs. Together, they spend their days scavenging for bits of food and staying close to the place they think of as home. Then one day something peculiar happens to Grasper, as he begins to feel quite … Continue reading

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How to Love, the Seemingly, Unlovable/The Steps-Part II

Part II The key to loving the unlovable is being able to  acknowledge, process, and let go of all of the reasons why YOU find them unlovable to begin with.  Take all the anger, frustration, and fear and turn it into an energy of introspection, reflection,  inspiration,  submission, and finally, unconditional love. And, believe me, … Continue reading

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How to Love the, Seemingly, Unlovable. Part 1

My senior class has started studying the literature of the Romantic period. One can’t study the Romantic period without discussing the treatment of women during that period and the literature that was produced as a result.  Therefore, one of the assigned reading topics was “The Vindication of the Rights of Woman” by Mary Wollstonecraft. Anyhoo, … Continue reading